Our Fantastic Online Catalogue

choosing the right glass made easy

We provide three different ways to make finding the perfect glass a cinch.

enlargeable sample images

We've created enlargeable sample images of every glass we stock – place your mouse over a sample to see the larger version. The enlargement even stays in view as you scroll down the page!

glass by colour family

We've categorised our glass not only by maker and range, but also by colour family – helpful when you're looking for just the right shade. With thirteen colour groupings to choose from you're sure to make the perfect selection!

your lightbox

Your "lightbox" facility will store glass selections as you move through the listings and can even be saved for your next visit – ideal when choosing the perfect combination of glass for your project.

every product pictured and described

We've taken our product listings a step further by providing pictures and descriptions for every item in our catalogue – select a listing's "more info" icon to open a popup window containing detailed information. The descriptions we've written often include some background information, hints and tips, or recommendations for usage – helping you choose the best product for your needs.

prices in your local currency

If you're viewing our online catalogue from outside Australia, you can choose to view product prices in a range of other currencies and without the GST payable only by Australian customers. Make your currency selection from the "your shopping cart" page.

Whilst the exchange rates we use are updated daily directly from the European Central Bank, please be aware that your bank or credit card provider won't be using exactly the same rates – so treat our converted prices as a good guide rather than a definitive cost.

your personal details are secure

We understand that privacy and security are extremely important issues, particularly in relation to "spam" email and the safety of credit card information online. You can be assured that when you provide information to us, a combination of technology and management ensures that only we have access to it – and we're committed to treating it responsibly.

For more information about how we collect and use your personal details, see our privacy policy.

our first-class customer service

Placing your order is only half the story – no matter how fantastic our online catalogue is, we know that it's what happens after you check out that will make you a happy customer. With more than three decades of experience to draw on, we're sure that the service you'll receive from us is up there with the best!

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