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our privacy policy

The Leadlight Workshop is committed to ensuring the privacy of our customers and website visitors. Our privacy policy below details how we collect, use and manage personal information.

For details of the Australian Privacy Principles, on which our policy and practices are based, visit The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at

information we collect and how it's used

When you create an account with us or sign into your account we ask for your email address and a password. We use that information to identify your account and to secure your information from disclosure to other visitors. If you choose to subscribe to any newsletter we publish then we use your email address to deliver it to your inbox.

During your visit you have the option of saving information to your account – your local currency preference and the contents of your shopping cart or lightbox, for example. Storing these details makes our website more helpful to you on subsequent visits.

When you check out from our online catalogue we ask for your contact and payment details so that we can process your order, have it delivered to you, and follow up on your experience with our service.

When you provide us with feedback about our shop, website, or customer service we may publish an edited version of your comments here on our website (unless you request that we do not). We like to brag about the compliments we receive!

We collect technical information in server logs and via Google Analytics that does not personally identify any particular visitor, such as: the date and time of the visit; the Internet address of the page that referred a visitor to our website; the Internet address of the visitor's computer; the browser being used; which pages are viewed; and any products purchased from our online catalogue. We analyze this information to provide statistics that help us improve the effectiveness of our website and online advertising.

We utilise external services such as Delighted, Google Search, and Facebook to enhance your experience at our website, but neither collect nor share visitor information from or with these other services beyond that necessary for us to make use of the functionality those services provide.

our use of cookies

We use cookies at our website to perform "state management", that is, to store an identifier that allows the website to determine the state of your visit – whether or not you are signed in, what products you have added to your shopping cart and so on. The cookies themselves contain no personally identifiable information.

information we share with others

Unless required by law, no personal information you provide to us is shared with third parties. Additionally, we hold no other information about customers other than the information you provide to us directly. We do not buy, sell, rent or trade customer information or email addresses.

accessing, updating and deleting your personal information

All the personal information we collect from you is available for your review on the "your account" page of our website. Using the forms on that page you can modify your details and update your saved preferences. We don't currently have a facility to allow you to delete your account, but we can do it for you if you contact us with your request.

how your information is secured

We have a number of safeguards to protect your personal information against theft, loss and misuse. We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to prevent "eavesdropping" on personal information transmitted to and from our website during your visit. Our state management system minimises the risk of exposing your personal information to others via "session hijacking". The database in which your personal information is stored is protected with access controls to prevent unauthorised use and is backed up daily. Any credit card details you provide are further encrypted using PGP.

contacting us about this policy

If you have questions or comments about this privacy policy or about how we collect, use, share or secure your personal information, please contact Rebecca Soper using the details on our "contact us" page.

modifications to this policy

Any modifications to this policy will be published here so that you are always aware of our current privacy practices. We published this privacy policy on 18th August 2004, and last revised it on 30th September 2020.

our copyright

Producing this website is a huge investment in both time and skill. We're flattered that some people may like our work enough to "borrow" it, but we hope they'll do the right thing and contact us for permission first!

The content of this website, including design, text and images, is Copyright © 2004-2022 The Leadlight Workshop. Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited by law.

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