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"Since the beginning of The Leadlight Workshop more than 35 years ago many other things have changed in my life, however, my love of stained glass and leadlight has remained.

"I have completed so many interesting projects, have enjoyed running workshops of all kinds, and have met and interacted with lots of the wonderful people that get caught up with this fascinating medium. I'm particularly proud that the website, now more than ten years on, continues to remain an interesting and helpful place to visit.

"Now as I look forward to my retirement I am very happy to know that The Leadlight Workshop will remain in the family. I'm sure that Rebecca will continue the legacy in a way that will make me proud – she has glass in her veins, after all."

– Pete Heldon

"With Pete and my mother, Cherry Phillips, having had such a long personal and professional relationship, I'm really excited to be stepping into The Leadlight Workshop. Being involved in the business myself makes me feel like something's come full circle.

"It's an amazing opportunity to be involved in the industry in a way that fuels my creativity, that suits my skills and that fits so well with the demands of a growing family.

"I am so glad for Pete that he can look forward to a wild and busy retirement (just ask him about his plans!). Meanwhile, I hope to continue and expand on the qualities that have made the business and the website so successful, and I look forward to helping our customers enjoy living glass."

– Rebecca Soper

Pete Heldon
Pete Heldon
Pete in front of The Leadlight Workshop in 1981
Pete in front of The Leadlight Workshop in 1981
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