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your privacy and security

We understand that privacy and security are extremely important issues, particularly in relation to "spam" email and the safety of credit card information online. You can be assured that when you provide information to us, a combination of technology and management ensures that only we have access to it – and we're committed to treating it responsibly.

our privacy policy

Australian businesses are required to adhere to a set of "National Privacy Principles" set out in law by the Federal Government. The principles outline the ways in which a customer's personal information can be collected, used and managed responsibly.

To summarise our privacy policy:

  • we collect anonymous and personal information during visits to our website and we use it to enchance the website's performance, to provide the website's personalised features and to complete business transactions with you (such as fulfilling an order)
  • we never share or sell the information you provide to us and we use it only for the purpose stated at the time you provided it
  • we protect your personal information against disclosure to others in a variety of ways and take special care to secure any credit card details you provide
  • we allow you to access and update your personal information and we will delete it from our records at your request

Our full privacy policy, based on the National Privacy Principles, is available on the legal and privacy page. We've tried to make sure that it's not too dry a read – take a look to find detailed information about how we protect your privacy and secure your personal information.

securing your personal information

We have a number of safeguards to protect your personal information against theft, loss and misuse.

When we ask for personal information we use a page secured using SSL to prevent "eavesdropping" on the connection between your computer and our website. Our website stores your personal information in a database that is protected with access controls to prevent unauthorised use.

We use two methods of encryption – SSL and PGP – to ensure that your credit card details are always secure. Between your computer and our website your details are encrypted using SSL. Our website does not store your details – they're re-encrypted using PGP and sent on to our office along with your order. At our office your details remain encrypted until we give them to the bank for processing.

another question?

If you have a question about privacy or security that's not covered here, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

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